Soul Doubt: 04/2010 - 05/2010

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Isn't It Bizarre How They Just Seem To KNOW When It's Not Deer Season?

Not that I'm a bigtime Bambi enemy stalker, more like a grown woman with vague memories of sitting in blinds with my father and uncles as a child, shivering and smelly from all that magic crap they think will attract their backstrap on legs. Then, later (and beings as though I was usually the only sober one in the bunch), plus the fact that I was a stubborn, staunch, dyed in the wool tomboy- maybe from being the only girl in a family of eight kids? Yep, I was always awarded the joy of skinning, gutting and sectioning the dang carcass, under the not-so-sober gaze of my dad and company. I guess the first time it was grossly fascinating for about the first five minutes- until my hands were frozen and aching and several dozen scrubs with soap away from cleanliness...
But I digress.
You know the saying, "I'm a lover, not a fighter?" Well, truth be told I'm a rambler AND a writer. To the impatient, a bad combo.

Eh? What's that? The point of this little post?

Wellll.... I think this white-tailed chunk of venison would've gotten exactly what he deserved had he gotten permanently stuck while on his little joyride.

I mean, c'mon, is your average ungulate really that spunky, even out in the boonies on a homemade rope swing? This deer was nuts! And maybe a bit anthropomorphous, to boot.
Besides, spunky spontaneous swing-riding is one thing- in fact, IMHumbleO, an admirable and perhaps cool trait for those statistical 70-some percent of humans per capita in our fine state who are either chunkybutts or those of us simply (yawn) staid, sedentary humans who sit on their somewhat skinnier butts and post endless nonsense on flatscreened communication devices ALL freakin day to emulate ... but last I checked, one's swing-sitting rear end (even if it happens to be cervid) belongs on the plank seat- not the antlers entangled hopelessly and the rest of the panicked Papa Deer just a'swangin' in the breeze...

I do wonder what eventually happened after this vid was shot- do you s'pose there was another shot shortly thereafter, one a tad more harmful to the deer than the embarrassment of being filmed?