Soul Doubt: My Sweet Son Turned One...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Sweet Son Turned One...

...And the party was a smashing success. To think I was afraid that my little guy would turn his nose up at his personal cake- no, instead, he dove right in, to the delight of all the assembled friends and family.

I was actually really touched at all those who came and showered Jameson with gifts, not to mention hugs and kisses. He truly is blessed with many, many people who care about him- not just Tony and I. I think sometimes we lose sight of that, since we sort of keep him to ourselves a lot. I mean, how much of a social butterfly can a one-year-old be, anyhow? Especially when he has to rely on a set of parents who aren't exactly party animals themselves these days to ferry him around.

He sure seemed to enjoy opening the presents, though:

And we played some silly games...

And then of course, the gratuitous cake scene:

All in all, it was fortunate that we had both immediate access to a bathtub and a pickup truck, in that order... one in which to scrub off the frosting, one to pack up the gifts in.

Now, I have an entire year to recover- before we do it all over again.

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  1. Great party pictures! And I'm so glad you got the traditional frosting mess snaps, too. I unthinkingly had Caleb's first cake decorated with chocolate and bright blue frosting. My tub had blue stains for a month afterwards!

    Happy First B-day, Jameson! :)


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