Soul Doubt: O Happy Day!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

O Happy Day!

Well, it's been a long, rocky road, but I've gotten word that all my hard work has finally paid off. What am I referring to, might you ask? PROBATION!!!

I just got off the phone with my probation officer. She had submitted a request to my judge (The Honorable John T. Mitchell, for those who are interested) to waive my community service, and I've been waiting- with bated breath, to be sure- to hear back. See, the community service office had lost my records (see previous rant, I mean post), including the verification of 100 HOURS I had completed, and I was getting to the point where I was willing to do the entire damn thing over again to have it off my chest. I mean, I did all that months ago, slaving away for free at thrift stores and the Humane Society; nowadays, I don't keep track of my volunteering, but I would sure start if required.

I'm not even sure what happened- I remember turning in my card to the office at the courthouse and getting the little paper saying I was all done, turning it in to my P.O., and generally being relieved to have leaped another hurdle on the track of supervised probation. Then the whole mess with the Supreme Court overturning my judge's ruling came up, and I had much weightier matters on my mind.

When that was all cleared up, lo and behold, I was on probation again, and my new supervising officer was confused: why was there a record of my completing it in her files, but not in the courts'?

At her suggestion, I went down there, self-righteous and indignant, only to find that there were all new people at the courthouse- no one remembered me, and of course "computers never lie". Ha. Ever heard of operator error?

So then I was on a mission. It had been 18 months or so since I'd worked at the various places, but I made the rounds, asking the ladies who had signed my card back then to sign a paper saying they remembered me, or perhaps they still had records verifying my hours?

Struck out almost everywhere, but thank heavens for the Humane Society. They keep their records for four years, apparently to come to the rescue- not just to the poor kitties and puppies- but to reformed criminals such as myself! So I was able to Xerox verification of 36 of the lost 100 hours, which apparently was enough to convince my P.O. I wasn't full of B.S. (which, BTW, I wanted to do ASAP). And really, other than that, I didn't have a single blemish on my record anyhow, so she forwarded a request to the judge to waive the requirement, submitting the evidence- such as it was- that I had completed it and shouldn't be penalized for the community service office's error.

The great news, however, was that Judge Mitchell went even further- he recommended me for early discharge from probation. All I have to do is complete this year under supervision, which will be up in August. Then, apparently, he intends to sign off on my case completely. According to my probation officer, he thinks it's a waste of the taxpayers' money to continue to have me on their caseload. My sentiments exactly!

So... a scant two months under the thumb of the Man to go. The funny thing is, as I told my soon to be former P.O., it's almost anticlimactic at this point. I'm not rearing and chomping at the bit to be set free anymore- I don't do anything I'm trying to hide, you know? So really, it'll just be a relief to not have to shell out the fifty bucks a month they charge to "supervise" me (a process which entails my checking in every other month or so).

But, I suppose this is another milestone I was bound to hit, being on the path of the straight and narrow. I do find a sort of self-satisfied "weight off my shoulders" feeling, if I'm to be completely honest. And really, it's about damn time!


  1. Hurray, Kendra! I'm so happy to hear that the light at the end of your tunnel is closer than it appeared! (And, hey--fifty extra bucks a month is nothing to sneeze at! Sweet.)

  2. It looks like the paper trail is finally coming to an end. I'm glad. I am also glad you had John Mitchell, as I have known him for many years and consider him a friend and a very good judge. Good luck in all you do and of course your bright future. The Stickman

  3. Kendra baybeeeee!!! I'm so proud of ya! August ain't too far away...hang wishes!

  4. Awesome. Congratulations. You've come a long, long way.

    -- ACS

  5. Glad to hear the good news and that everything turned out well.

  6. CrIIIckey. No one remembered you at the court house? Is that...good? Or is that BAD? Thank God for the Humane Society. (Although they did keep P33t for one weekend when he decided to go to town without me. They decided he was ferocious and kept him in special lock up. They were quite concerned when I went into his area unprotected. I said P33t, you dumbshit, what were you thinking? going to town without me? let's go home. It may have been my imagination but I think he threw his nose in the air and snorted hmmmp! as he flounced by the front desk on the way out to the car, walking the lease like a french poodle on 5th Avenue. anyway.) Thank God for you. I know people who would have just got so frustrated they caved--and went out and did you know what. Way to hold the line, Kendra, and way to keep your eye on the ball. I really like your blog and particularly your scripture and the pictures. Hope you and your family are having a great summer, full of fun and HOPE.

  7. You need to write more often, woman! You have a gift and need to share itwith others. Dont hide your light under a basket.

  8. With July more than half way over, you're almost there! Keep up the writing - it will motivate you to stay on track with your life goals! :)


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