Soul Doubt: NOT a "Meth Mom"- No Way, No How

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

NOT a "Meth Mom"- No Way, No How

I just read the print edition of the Spokesman, and while I want to thank DHO for getting the word out there about my blog (like he said, a voice like mine is one that really just isn't heard from that often), I also need to clarify something. I am not, and never ever have been, a "meth mom". This may seem like splitting hairs to some, but to me it is a very important point. My one and only child is only five months old, and I have been clean from ALL mind altering substances for almost three years. I would like to think that in my previous life as a practicing addict, had I become pregnant I would have immediately cleaned up my act. I've always felt very strongly about drug use around children, let alone the horror of crack babies and the like. However, it's a moot point, since I was never seen fit to be blessed with a child until well into recovery. Just wanted to get that clear.
Other than the unfortunate headline, I'm actually quite honored that my humble little newborn blogbaby has been given such an introduction. In fact, I think I may even be a bit more inclined now to keep my posts a little higher quality, just in case someone may be reading this and can leave a tad more enriched. Or with a smile on their face, or even a thoughtful frown...

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