Soul Doubt: Is It That Time of Year (sniff, cough..) Already?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Is It That Time of Year (sniff, cough..) Already?

Why does it seem like I catch every little bug that wafts remotely my direction? You'd think I had a blinking neon sign visible only to germs saying, "Come on in! Make yourselves at home! Join your buddies!"
Yes, I'm sick. Yes, I'm feeling sorry for myself. My throat is so swollen and raw, swallowing is a major ordeal, one that I actually find myself weighing the pros and cons of before doing (Hmm.. is it really worth it? It's gonna hurt- maybe I should forego all liquids and just spit out any saliva that I accumulate). Gross, I know, but these thoughts really have crossed my mind.
I'm also super achey and off-balance: I think my equilibrium bailed out on me when it realized the germs were taking over. I tried explaining this to my husband after noticing his upraised eyebrow at my staggering around like a drunken robot, but instead of the warm reassuring hug of sympathy I expected, I got, "Well, be careful not to drop Jameson if you're that dizzy, babe. Seeya later, loveyaguys," and off he went to work. Arggh.
Four Tylenol, two cups of honey-laced tea, and one hour later, I was at least in an upright position, and my son seemed happy enough rolling around on his play area, so I decided to brave checking my work email and seeing what the day may have brought as far as unavoidable duties. Luckily, there were relatively few things I couldn't put off- I had some stuff to mail, so a trip to the post office is on the agenda for this afternoon; I replied to a couple queries regarding our baking mixes (hopefully my writing was more upbeat than my present outlook); even managed to make a couple froggy-sounding phone calls. All in all, not a bad start.
Now here I sit, sharing my woes instead of my germs- isn't the 'net wonderful? But I feel this brief burst of animation fading fast, and I'm thinking perhaps a nap is in order...

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  1. hey Sweetie, I'll drop by daveo's office today with an envelope with your name on it. Thanks for playing.


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